8 of the Most Famous Painters of All-time

8 of the Most Famous Painters of All-time

What makes an artist great is a rational question and there is no particular answer for it. But one condition always applies to every artist – they have to pass the test of time. Here we have a list of the most admired artists who were visionaries, talented, and were patient with time.

We were asked to make a short essay about the topic. We searched arround google and an art blog or two and we came up with the 8 most famous painters!

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was not just an artistic genius but also a visionary and master of technology. Some of his designs are still appreciated by the modern futurists. The Last Supper and The Lady with an Ermine is a few of his work that still inspires art lovers.

Along with being deeply involved in art, he was also fond of technology and designed automobiles tanks and aircraft. His designs dictated technologies that came into existence after 500 years. Years have passed but this renaissance visionary still rules the hearts of many. One of his famous creation is Mona Lisa, which is a mystery in itself. You can see it at the Louvre Museum, France.


Born in the Republic of Florence Michelangelo were a painter, architecture, sculpturing, and poet. An advocate of western art, he was also known as the rival of Leonardo da Vinci. Pieta David, Moses, The Last Judgment was some of his famous artwork. He was also the architecture of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. During his tenure, he bounced between bologna, venue, and Florence. His paintings also included Sistine Ceiling.

Claude Monet

Among the Impressionists, Monet was the best-known painter. Even the name of the movement was named after one of his paintings, Impression. Monet’s entire life was inspired by nature and so was his artworks. Some of his famous creations include the Water Lilies Pond, Impression Sunrise, and Poppies.

His work was all about clear and small strokes that were used to capture the change in light, pattern, and shadows. It is said that Monet wanted to capture the countryside of France and at some level, he even succeed in doing so. Even his house was constructed with a vision of art. He administered the construction of lily ponds which finds its description in one of his paintings.


He broke so many rules of the past and found a new way of seeing art. Ruiz y Picasso or Picasso, was a Spanish painter, stage designer, playwright, poet, sculptor and printmaker. He Co-founded the Cubist movement, invented constructed sculpture and collage. Some of his famous art pieces include Guernica, The Old Guitarist, and Family of Saltimbanques. Most of his creations are displayed at the Musee Picasso, France.

Vincent Van Gogh

When he was alive, his work was known to very few people. He rose to prominence almost a decade after his demise. Known for his choice of bold colors and rough beauty, Van Gogh became a great influencer to the 20th-century paintings. Today his work is one of the most expensive ones in the world and are lined up for private auction. Some of his masterpieces are the Starry Night, Sunflower, and The Night Café. It is said that he finished the painting Starry Night when he was in an asylum.

Salvador Dali

Dali’s most of the painting had the epitome of surrealism. With each of his creation, he left an abundance of room for imagination. During his tenure, he was active in a range of artwork, including films, photography, and cultures. His audience with celebrities was also noteworthy and even some of his artwork was inspired by them. One of his best-known works includes the Persistence of memory. You can witness Dali’s work at the Salvador Dali Museum, St. Pittsburgh.

Jan Vermeer

Jan Vermeer of Johan Vermeer was a Dutch painter who didn’t gain much recognition during his lifetime. His paintings were more about the homely life of the middle-class family. He used bright colors and expensive pigments to highlight his painting. His work was all about precision and clarity. If you see his painting the Girl with Pearl Earrings and The Kitchen Maid, you will understand why he moved carefully with his art. In most of his work, you will notice how excellently has he used the effect of light and yellow color.

Paul Cezanne

One of the most famous post-impressionist painters, Paul Cezanne’s art was misunderstood for most of his life. He used small repeated strokes with planes of color to develop complex field. Unlike the impressionist, his strokes were deeper in a way to complement each other. It is said that he formed a bridge between the 19th century Impressionism and 20th-century cubism. He is also known as the father of modern art and some of his artwork include the Boy in Red Vest, The Large Bathers, and The Card Players.

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